Season 2, Ep 11 A Roman’s Part? Julius Caesar Act 5


WARNING: This scene contains discussion of suicide.

Men love each other then part then fight then die. That’s how the world turns, but battles certainly bring on some of these things too quickly. As the play is winding up we know there won’t be happy endings. Cassius’ comes first. He warned Brutus not to go rushing into things, but Brutus doesn’t listen… So Cassius does what he’s been threatening to do all along – take himself out of the game.

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• the 2 battles at Phillipi were actually 20 days apart, but S conflates them. 24,000 Romans died in the combined battles – devastating civil war. Many were heads of noble families. The wars had disastrous effects for the long run.

• death of Cassius – on his birthday! Sad. Because of misinterpreted sights – theme – not seeing properly. He even says that he is nearsighted.

• Brutus’ forces beat Octavius but Cassius’ lost to Antony.

• heads up to King Lear next!

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