Fck Shakespeare: Best Shakespeare Podcast for Students

A podcast for the Shakespeareanly challenged. Or anyone who enjoys some harmless profanity. Forget No Fear Shakespeare! We have the best ways to find the fun in Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello and more!

Listen up, fools! Are you studying Hamlet in class and it’s not making any f*cking sense? Trying to read Macbeth or Othello before seeing a show and getting a headache with all those weird words? Don’t get FOMO just because you have no idea what’s supposed to be so f*cking funny about this Shakespeare shit. We will expose all the smut (pun intended!) and unpack all those mysterious words (that mostly mean raunchy stuff) so that you can enjoy that hellish Shakespeare unit and maybe even write a killer essay. Stay tuned! New episode every week.

Who ARE these madwomen??

the faces that go with the voices

Wild Women Shakespeare Podcasters Offer Quick Insights and Essay Ideas in Every Episode

We are Diana and Erin, two friends who met over a cuppa Shakespeare and who’ve been delving into all of his naughty bits together for years. Poor guy.

We finally decided to share our discoveries in a podcast. It’s for those of you who are either pissed or worried about having to study Shakespeare in school (and a few more of you who just want to chuckle along). We’re hoping to make it easier by making it funny, raunchy, surprising and basically just cutting to the good stuff – the sex. We’re going to delve into all the shit your teachers really can’t tell you – because they have contracts and stuff and they have to behave. We don’t, and we think the nasty bits are the stuff that make Shakespeare fun!

Each week we will tackle some text, debunk some BS, explain some weird words and have some laughs. As you follow along we hope that soon you will be laughing out loud in class when you get used to spotting the avalanche of dick jokes that are on every page.

Latest Posts

Episode 60: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Othello Act 1

Summary Meet Desdemona. She’s kind, beautiful and generous, and yes, she will ultimately be an innocent victim, but she ain’t so virginal and proper. The girl knows what she wants! She knew exactly what she was attracted to and she went out and got it, and her father and the old white dudes in Venice…More

Episode 58: The Beast With Two Backs, Othello Act 1

Summary Meet Iago, foul-mouthed malevolent malcontent, and hear him tell you all about what kind of nasty fellow he is. He spews about his hatred of his fellow soldiers, and especially his hatred of the general of his army, the Moor. So when you hear people say “Oh Iago has no motive for the terrible…More

Episode 57: The Black Man Cometh – Introduction to Othello

Summary Is this ‘the racist play?’ We will get into that right off the bat here and tell you what we think. It is certainly a deeply complex exploration of many many themes: love/hate, innocence/guilt, black/white, jealousy/trust, reality/fantasy… We can’t wait to get into it, so here’s a bit of a set-up so you know…More


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