Season 2: Ep 12 The Noblest Roman, Julius Caesar ending


WARNING: This episode contains mention of suicide.

After Cassius is gone, Brutus has little to live for. So perhaps Rome was not so important after all? — Support this podcast:


• young Cato – dies. Similar to Young Siward scene. Reminds us that the wars take fathers and sons and often prove the end of the line for a particular bloodline.

• Brutus tries each of his soldiers in turn to ask them to kill him – whispered requests – again, words we cannot hear

• the word Brutus said 21 times in these 2 scenes – the ending is not about the victors – Octavius and Antony get very little of a wrap up, and even then only a eulogy for Brutus. 

• the play ends with the words “happy day” – bullshit. Devastating. 

• on to King Lear!

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