Season 2: Episode 9 – A Few of My Favorite Dicks…er… Sex Jokes…er… Books


With Erin away being busy and important, Diana is left to her own devices and… this happened. A collection of useful resource information peppered about with rude shit as usual. If you hang in there you’ll get some great insight into where to find invaluable nuggets that will make you sound like a savvy Shakespeare nerd without much effort. You’re welcome!

TEACHERS: Pay attention!! Good classroom reference materials.

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Books Mentioned as Resources:

The Shakespeare Book of Lists, Michael Lomonico

How Shakespeare Changed Everything, Michael Sharpe

Shakespeare, Sex & Love, Stanley Wells

All the Words on Stage, Louis Scheeder

Speak the Speech, Rhona Silverbush & Sami Plotkin

Filthy Shakespeare, Pauline Kiernan

Shakespeare and the Invention of the Human, Harold Bloom

A Shakespeare Glossary, C.T. Onions

Shakespeare’s Words, David & Ben Crystal

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