Season 2 Episode 2: Virility and Fertility, Julius Caesar, Act 1


Meet the big man himself! Oh, yeah, and Caesar too. 😁 Antony runs a naked race through the streets flogging women with a goat thong so they could be more fertile. Don’t blame us. We didn’t write it!

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  1. cristinabiaggi7777 says:


    Where did you get this image of Anthony running down the street naked and flogging women? Suetonius? If you tell me the internet, I don’t trust it. There has to be a SOURCE. The internet is FULL of spurious information, as we know.

    love, Ma



    1. dianathebard says:

      This is not Antony. It is just an image we used to give a visual to go along with the text. 😁


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