Episode 48: This Old Man, He Played One, Macbeth Act 3


One weird little scene that seems pointless until you know something crucial about how the kings of Scotland were crowned. Followed by an interview with a couple of murderers who are going to take a bit of bloody biz off Mac’s hands.

Scottish kings were brought to Scone for their investiture and there ensued an elaborate ceremony that involved the Stone of Scone. It is an ancient piece of granite that, legend has it, came over to Scotland with an Egyptian princess named Scota. She snatched it from underneath Jacob’s head after he woke up from that dream about the angels (Jacob’s Ladder – go look that shit up yourselves). She sailed with it across the Mediterranean and landed in Spain first. Nah, she decided, Spain sucks. So she continued on through the straits of Gibraltar and up to Ireland. Close, she said, but not quite right. She finally landed on the western coast of Scotland and fell in love with it. Who wouldn’t? She founded a race of Scottish people (Scota – hello!) and there were a few skirmishes with another tribe – the Picts – who were fierce and loved Scotland too, but eventually they were all Scott-ish. 

Every time a Scottish king was crowned, their own personal poet would tell their entire lineage and history from Scota up to their present (sure, they might have had to scooch that line a bit to get around some other folks, but… who’s asking?). THEN, finally, the Earl of FIFE had to present them a special sword and charge them with the protection of the country.

Macduff says he ain’t going to Scone. So maybe Macbeth’s investiture wasn’t quite legal? Just sayin’…

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